Black Walnut Trees: Blessing or Curse?


Posted by justtracy | Posted in Trees | Posted on 06-12-2012

My new 2 acre homestead is blessed withe a nice diversity of trees an plants.  One of these ‘blessings’ is the cursed Black Walnut tree.  There are several of them actually.  And as most gardeners know, the Juglans species are more often viewed as a nuisance due to their ability to release toxins into the soil from their roots to thwart their competition for survival.  A lot of other species have learned to deal with this tactic, but many more just can’t survive near them.  I hate to black list any species and I do know there are some very redeeming factors for the Black Walnut. But since I am not into harvesting the walnuts myself (although walnuts are my favorite nut) and I don’t build furniture (but walnut is my wood of choice), I will be selectively removing them from within my fenced backyard.  And also learning to work with the rest, since my goal is to keep my backyard natural and native.

There is one very stately, tall and old black walnut on the east edge of our property that is a keeper.   For more info on the positive side see:  Growing Black Walnuts (Univ of Minnesota Ext).  And for plant choices to work with existing black walnuts:  The Walnut Tree (Virginia Coop Ext); and The Morton Arboretum.


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