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I want to extend a special thank you from Plants Map to Bren Haas for her great blog post & video on Plants Map: Interactive Tagging Connect People with Plants She writes, “Once you add your plants, shrubs and trees to the website you can order interactive tags that will totally BLOW YOUR MIND!”

Bren is a great connection and her #gardenchat community has been very supportive of Plants Map. We had a great time hosting #gardenchat back in July and helping to kick-off the #gardenchat profile on Plants Map. It was a virtual flower show that evening!

Check out and join the #gardenchat community on Twitter Monday nights at 9pm eastern time.

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Join me August 26: Introduction to Plants Map & Fingertip Gardening


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August 20, 2014

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Join me for an Introduction to Plants Map: Fingertip Gardening at the Salem Church Library (2607 Salem Church Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22407) on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 7pm.

Presented by the Master Gardener Association of the Central Rappahannock Area – Salem Church Library Talks

Tracy Blevins, cofounder of local startup winner Plants Map, will give an introduction on how their social & mobile website,, works for garden and plant enthusiast of all ages and interests. You will learn how to create from your personal computer or mobile devices an online showcase of your gardens with a plant journal. They will also demonstrate how their concept can educate, entertain and engage your garden visitors as well.

Nonprofits and volunteer organizations are also invited to learn how Plants Map can increase awareness of their projects and grow their network of members/volunteers/supporter.

We will show examples of various individuals and organizations already sharing their stories about their plants and gardens on Plants Map as well. Please join us! Free event and open to the public.


August Journal Update from Plants Map


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Happy August! We have a few items we wanted to share with you on our growing developments at Plants Map.  PlantsMap WordFlower

Individual profiles have been enhanced to allow you to include your own gardening ‘resume’, your profile picture and a location so your gardens can be included on our maps.

We have also added a new search box in the top navigation, a revised About Us page and a new Help section. We have also made it easier to learn about our Plants Map Tags and how they connect you and your garden visitors to your plants.


From Bill Blevins blog: What is the best way to label plants and trees?


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What is the best way to label plants and trees? Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.22.44 PM

Plants Map Tags connect people to plants. It’s really that simple.

When Tracy and I moved to New York in 2006 I brought along a potted Dawn Redwood seedling that she got for free because she was a member at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama. At the time I didn’t appreciate how magnificent these trees are but as the 12″ twig quickly outgrew the pot and within one season had grown to almost three feet tall. It grew and it grew vigorously! I was hooked.

I needed a mobile-friendly database and a way to label my plants.



July Journal update from Plants Map


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Is it July already? It seems like summer goes by so fast and there has been so much to do in the garden and at Plants Map! It’s been a great growing season!

What’s new on Plants Map? We have a new beautiful website redesign and can now make website changes easier and faster. Coming soon the flow and function of the website will be getting a make-over as well to improve and enhance your user experience on the site.




Plants Map supporter of Garden Walk Buffalo 2014


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GWBuffalo1Plants Map is excited to be a sponsor of Garden Walk Buffalo 2014. Tracy and I lived in western New York for six years and have enjoyed Buffalo many times – especially our Garden Walk Buffalo visits!  Read More

Discover Garden Walk Buffalo 2014 on Plants Map

From Plants Map: What is the Best Plant Tag ID?


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cosseyparkAs avid gardeners ourselves, we searched online for the ‘best plant signs’ or ‘best plant labels’ and best ‘everything’ as it related to making plant identification signs for our garden plants and trees. We’ve been researching how to label our plants and trees for years.

I bet you’ve search for this once or twice yourself!

There are many ways to do a good job with making plant labels and there are many businesses that can engrave a plant tag but here’s where we ended up in our search for an attractive plant ID sign that lasts a long time and met the goals in our search for the best plant label possible for our garden and tree collection. We came up with the Plants Map Tag.

Goals for the Plants Map Tag:


New Grow for Your Neighbor initiative, Fredericksburg (VA)


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Grow For Your Neighbor kick-off event on Saturday, May 3rd

at the Fredericksburg Home Depot (Gateway Boulevard) Community Day; 9am-2pm

“What is Grow For Your Neighbor? GFYN is the people, organizations and businesses who support and participate in the movement to provide homegrown food to the recipients of the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. Did you know the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank accepts donations of homegrown fruits and vegetables?”

This year Grow For Your Neighbor and donate a portion of your garden produce Saturdays at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market. Please consider donating a portion of your homegrown produce Saturdays from 9 AM until 12 PM at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market Route 3/Gordon Road Commuter Lot Spotsylvania,VA

to order a Square Foot Gardening Kit to pick up on May 3rd. 

Kick-Off Event: May 3, 2014 Square Foot Gardening Demos! 
GFYN is proud to host The Square Foot Gardening Foundation of Columbia, South Carolina as we kick off the growing season with garden installations, workshops and demonstrations. Join us Saturday May 3rd at The Fredericksburg Home Depot (Gateway Shopping Center) or The Spotsylvania County Farmers Market for free Square Foot Gardening for Demonstrations and Instruction by The Square Foot Gardening Foundation.

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CERTIFIED SQUARE FOOT GARDENING INSTRUCTOR? Join the Square Foot Gardening Foundation on May 5th and 6th for their intensive course.

For more information on GFYN, the May 3rd kick-off event, to order a Squar Foot Gardening Kit, or to register for the May 5 & 6 SFG course visit


Grow For Your Neighbor is also on Plants Map!
Visit Plantsmap: Grow For Your Neighbor


What are we going to do about the Lawn?


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“What are we going to do about the lawn?”

Do you often find yourself asking this same question? A common question when your lawn doesn’t look nearly as beautiful as a PGA golf course.

But should it?

See: Lawn Care Tips & Resources from Plants Map

Soil is the Secret


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“Consider what each soil will bear, and what each refuses.” Virgil 

Your soil is an underlying important aspect to growing healthy and happy plants and gardens.

I grew up in Illinois where the soil was acidic. In Virginia my first garden was in clay soil. I moved to Alabama where the rocky soil was referred to as chert. And while we lived in New York I got a taste of alkaline soil. And now I am back to good old Virginia clay.  When people ask me how different gardening most be in those various climates I actually respond that the climate was not as much a factor as was the difference in the soils. When I transitioned from master gardener programs, I would always take over again the soil class. Knowing your local soil characteristics is the key to choosing plants and making informed gardening choices to amend if needed.

Read more at Plants Map: The Secret is in the Soil: Growing Healthy Plants