Cherry Blossom Peak Prediction Update


Posted by justtracy | Posted in Horticulture Event | Posted on 19-03-2013

Well, Mother Nature just loves to have the upper hand. Hope you didn’t already book your travel plans.

Today the National Park Service announced they have changed the peak prediction spread for max bloom time. It is now April 3-6.

What’s a Cherry Blossom Festival to do?

The good news is that blooms usually last about 14 days. And they don’t all open at once.  So if you made plans based on the first prediction of March 26-30, you should still get a good show.

When I posted the first prediction, I almost made my own prediction that they were wrong by being at least a week too early.  But who am I to doubt their examination of the actually buds?  But I did know, being an avid weather observer, that we have been below average every month for temps since December.  And still this week with the first full day of Spring on Thursday, we are predicted to take a dip down to 41 for the daytime high.  Yes, high.

I am going to D.C. this weekend to a native plant sale at the US Arboretum.  I will make my own Cherry Blossom observations then.