What are we going to do about the Lawn?


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“What are we going to do about the lawn?”

Do you often find yourself asking this same question? A common question when your lawn doesn’t look nearly as beautiful as a PGA golf course.

But should it?

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Fredericksburg Area: Spring Seedling Sale & VCE Lawn and Home Landscape Programs


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I just wanted to share a few local items of interest for those in the Fredericksburg (Virginia) area.

1) The Tri-County Soil &  Water Conservation District is holding their annual Tree Seedling & Rain Barrel Sale. Visit their website for more information and for a pre-order form (must be received by March 28, 2014). The pick up date is April 5th and you can choose from 4 area locations to pick-up. I have purchased the rain barrel previously and it’s better than others I have owned. Easy to install, nice capacity, and less expensive than the same one available at box retail stores.  The seedlings are between $10-$20 in bundles of 3, 6 or more and include a lilac, dogwoods, birch, indigobush, pines, redbud, and more.  Reminder, these are little seedlings. But a great opportunity to plant with children that love to watch things grow! Or for the new homeowner that wants a lot of trees and shrubs and doesn’t mind the wait of them to mature.

If you are not in the Fredericksburg area?  Many soil and water conservation districts across the country have spring seedling sales so search for your state and local soil and water conservation district. They are a great resource for information, education and programs on water conservation and other environmentally friendly best practices that relate to lawns and gardening.


2) The VCE Stafford County Office will be offering their very popular Smart Green Lawn Program again this year.  When a homeowner submits the enrollment form with a nominal fee, a master gardener will come to your home and take soil samples and measure your lawn. After the soil test results, you will receive a lawn care handbook and a customized lime & fertilizer plan for your lawn.  Reminder: it is always best to do a soil test before applying any fertilizer. It saves you money and saves the environment too.


3) The VCE Stafford County Office is also offering an 8 week program, The Home Landscape Course for the Gardening Novice for homeowners. Topics include soils, fertilizing, pruning, lawn care, composting, plant pests and more.  The course is Thursday evenings (6:30pm-8:30pm) from April 3-May22. Contact the  VCE Stafford County Office for more information and to register. 


Check out these great local resources and remember, it’s almost Spring folks! 






Take the NYSDEC Be Green Great Lakes Survey


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Just received the following information on a great survey being conducted by the NYSDEC on homeowner lawn care practices.

“Be Green Great Lakes Project and Survey

Considering how to care for your lawn, garden and foliage? Take a few minutes to answer the NYSDEC Be Green Great Lakes Survey on current land care practices at http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22G3RRXBXWU. Responses are welcome from New Yorkers outside the Great Lakes basin too.  DEC is seeking feedback on how New Yorkers maintain lawns, gardens and foliage and manage pests in those areas.

Be Green in the Great Lakes is a project conducted by the Division of Materials Management, at the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. It provides outreach for the public and land care businesses regarding options to conventional synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. For information on the project, visit http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/76234.html . The project is funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency under the Federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. “