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I had the wonderful opportunity to do a podcast with Dave Ledoux, avid gardener & creator of the website Back To My Garden. He had a lot of questions about what inspired and how I became obsessed with keeping my plant collections organized.


Listen to the podcast on YouTube  Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.35.46 AM

Plants Map October Journal


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Plants Map is Growing! 

October Journal


Have you seen our new video?

Thanks for the Sunflowers!

This month, show us your Mums!

Check out the Florida Tech Botanical Garden.

Welcome to our new team member Nick.

And other news and events from Plants Map.

Thanks for growing with us!





Thank You to from Plants Map


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I want to extend a special thank you from Plants Map to Bren Haas for her great blog post & video on Plants Map: Interactive Tagging Connect People with Plants She writes, “Once you add your plants, shrubs and trees to the website you can order interactive tags that will totally BLOW YOUR MIND!”

Bren is a great connection and her #gardenchat community has been very supportive of Plants Map. We had a great time hosting #gardenchat back in July and helping to kick-off the #gardenchat profile on Plants Map. It was a virtual flower show that evening!

Check out and join the #gardenchat community on Twitter Monday nights at 9pm eastern time.

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From Plants Map: What is the Best Plant Database?


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Viburnums2Plants Map is not a scientific plant database, encyclopedia of plants, or plant identification tool. Our goal is to allow individuals and organizations to make their own personal database of plants. Plants Map is about sharing your notes, stories, experiences, and photos of your plants, gardens, and gardening interests or activities.

Each plant profile page allows you to add your own favorite reference links for your plants such as: USDA Plants, Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder, NPIN Native Plant Database, American Conifer Society database, etc.

I have been gardening and learning about plants for the past 15 years. I try to research and understand a plant before I commit it to the ground. One of the tenants of being a Master Gardener is educating people about ‘right plant, right place’ before you buy and add to your landscape. I ask myself these questions:



June 3 @ 9PM EST Webinar on Plants Map: Social Gardening


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On Tuesday, June 3 at 9 p.m. EST join me at and I’ll be giving an overview of Plants Map.

You’ll learn how you can create your own database for your gardens, plants and photos using I’ll give an overview and then demonstrate how to start a Garden, add Collections, add your plants and photos.

Read more at:

Webinar Invite


Plants Map Launches Non-Profit Organization Profiles


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Explore Organizations on Plants MapPlants Map is reaching out to non-profit organizations like plant societies, garden clubs, public gardens, arboretums, neighborhood parks, botanical gardens, community gardens, civic tree programs and others to join Plants Map. One of our goals is to connect people who want to explore and discover plants, trees, and gardens to related non-profit organizations.

For more information visit: Non-Profit Organizations on Plants Map 

Explore Organizations at:

Grow your world on Plants Map: Explore, Map, Discover.



A better way to share your gardens: Plants Map!


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Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.05.16 PM

Plants Map is a new social media website to connect people with plants. We invite you to share your plants and gardens with others to help us grow Plants Map.

Visitors have open and free access to Explore and Discover plants, gardens, and organizations. There are no pay walls to the plant database. Individual profiles are free and do not require a membership or subscription.

How to Grow Your World on Plants Map:
Start an Individual Profile



The Moon & Gardens


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Moon_riseThere seems to be a strong connection between the moon and gardening. Since ancient times their were civilizations that used the moon and the stars to guide their agricultural practices. Today, Moon Gardens, simply a collections of plants that glow by the light of the moon, have become a popular theme in many public and private gardens.  And then there are those that just love a good excuse for a garden party… like a full moon.

Let’s have a Full Moon Garden Party! What better reason to have a party than a Full Moon or Super Moon garden party! A couple years ago my husband and I decided the best time for a party was on a summer full moon. So we found a full moon that landed on a weekend and hosted a Full Moon Garden Party in July. Everyone loved the idea and we had a great turnout. The moon didn’t make it’s full appearance until about 9:45pm.  But it was a gorgeous evening and it was fun time spent with friends in our garden awaiting the guest of honor. It was such a hit the following year a friend of mine asked to borrow the idea and hosted the next Full Moon Garden Party.  For some fun garden party ideas see

What is a Supermoon? There are three Super Moons coming up in 2014: July, August, and September.   I had never heard of a supermoon until last year. Not to be confused with a full moon, a supermoon is defined as “a new or a full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit” (Richard Nolle, astrologer). When a supermoon is a new moon as well as the 2nd new moon of a month it is can also be referred to as a Black Moon.  Having two  super moons in one month is rare and the next occurrence is 2018. To read more on Supermoons see:

Moon Gardens are a collection of plants that magically glow during the late evening hours by the light of the moon. Plants that have white, yellow, pale pink or lavender flowers and plants with variegated or silvery foliage appear to glow the brightest. I think of  astilbes with light color plumes, pale yellow daylilies, white petunias and pale pink flowering tobacco, white hydrangeas like Limelight, Snow Queen, or Annabelle.  I also think of foliage plants like a variegated caryopteris, dusty miller, artemisias (wormwood), white caladiums and hostas with large white margins on the foliage and white or pale lavender flowers. There are also plants that bloom only at night like four o’clocks, evening primrose, and angel’s trumpet to name a few. Night flowering plants also tend to be very fragrant. So make room for some moon garden plants and you will enjoy their magic on a midsummer’s eve by the light of the moon. To see some moon gardens and plants go to

For more information on plants for a Moon Garden see:

Gardening by the Moon? Lunar gardening or Agricultural astrology has been around for thousands of year with evidence of ancient civilizations relying on the skies to guide them in their growing of crops.  It is basically performing certain garden tasks and chores based on the phases of the moon and other astrological signs, has quite a few followers. I for one do feel there is some merit to the technic. While I don’t perform all my chores around it, I do sometimes use it as a guide for the best times to start seed and best time to prune. For instance if  you prune during a waning moon that can control growth. Pruning during a waxing moon is to encourage growth.  There really is no scientific proof to this. But I can say based on my own observations I see some relevance.  While I can find skeptics of moon gardening, there is no scientific research to disprove it either. The only theory the skeptics have is that those that are more in tune with the natural world, nature and the cycles of the moon and weather seem to be more observant make better choices and time decisions better.

For more information on Gardening by the Moon see:


We are planting a seed: Plants Map


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What is Plants Map?

Plants Map: Discover Plants and Gardens, Be a Plant Explorer; Be a Plant Collector

Plants Map: Social Gardening: bringing people and plants together

Plants Map: A new prototype of attractive, interactive, custom plant tags that use smartphone technology to connect people with plant collections via a social plant database where users map and share gardens.

It’s a New Year and my husband and I have a new idea: Plants Map ( We are launching Plants Map ( this weekend at Startup Weekend Fredericksburg (

PlantsMapWe have planted a seed! We expect to emerge this Saturday morning ( January 18 about 10am). The website will be in ‘seedling’ mode and grow throughout the day with features so don’t just visit once.  We are inviting everyone who appreciates trees, gardens and parks to visit & help us grow the site by creating their own profile and lists of plants in their gardens as well as lists of favorite plants at public gardens they have visited.

We envision that Plants Map will have two facets: A free, fun, interactive, social component where people can explore gardens, discover plants, and create their own plant collection lists. The plant species themselves will be the central focus.  Our idea we feel is not just for gardeners, but for anyone who enjoys and supports gardens, public and private. We want people to become ‘plant explorers’ and ‘discover’ gardens and plants & gardens they didn’t know before. We want a place for ‘plant collectors’ to share their passion for gardening. And maybe your plants earn some ‘green thumb’ ratings too.The other aspect is to create and make available interactive, affordable, attractive plant identification tags with QR codes that work with smartphone technology. We have already talked to gardeners and botanical gardens and feel their is nothing that has evolved that was easy to produce, long lasting, attractive and interactive. Our target audience is Botanical Gardens that want a better option. We feel interactive plant tags with a social website for plant species will help attract more visitors too.The social aspect is free and instead of relying on traditional advertising streams to support it we wanted to provide something of service, value and usefulness to the users like a map of their plants, or a product like a color booklet or a photo album and the core product: interactive, attractive plant tags.We have lots of ideas for the website in terms of ways this can support neighborhood and community gardens and tree programs. As part of the launch this weekend we will create a ‘wish list registry’ of plant tags for Cossey Botanical Park, a public neighborhood arboretum maintained by volunteer Master Gardeners in Fredericksburg (VA). Our idea is that there are a lot of public community gardens that don’t have budgets for tags. So we hope to see if people will ‘sponsor’ a tag (map a plant) and order one for Cossey Park.
More information about Plants Map and Startup Weekend is below.So we have planted a seed.  We are inviting as many as we can to visit on Saturday to watch and see what emerges. We hope its big.Thanks,Tracy and Bill Blevins

Plants Map: A new prototype of attractive, interactive, custom plant tags that use smartphone technology to connect people with plant collections via a social plant database where users map and share gardens. For plant enthusiast, explorers and collectors, this visually interactive plant map database will be a social & mobile experience. Users create an ‘explorer’ profile and share their own garden collections as well as ‘discover’, virtually or in person, Botanical Gardens, arboretums, public gardens and other private gardens too. ‘Explorers’ create lists of ‘discovered’ collections, favorites, and wish lists. With a fun and easy to use site ‘Collectors’ create their own garden collections that can be organized into lists with their photos. From their own collections list the site provides services such as downloading your collection to an excel file, saving and printing a .pdf file with their photos, or ordering a higher quality, full-color printed catalog/booklet of their plants or a photo album format or even producing a map of their garden.More information about Startup Weekend 
Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. The non-profit organization is headquartered in Seattle, Washington but Startup Weekend organizers and facilitators can be found in over 200 cities around the world.  Startup Weekend Fredericksburg is January 17-19 and will be hosted at Germanna Community College Workforce & Technology Center.