Violas and Pansies


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Violas and Pansies are my favorite flowers.  And every Spring I can’t wait to see what is new.

I just purchased my first trailing pansy, an overflowing basket of yellow.  This type of pansy is a new form introduced last fall that promises a vigorous, low, spreading habit that make them a better cascading option for hanging baskets and containers.  There are three introductions: Plentifall, CoolWave, and Freefall that come in shades of yellow, lavender, purple, and white.  If you see a pansy in a hanging basket this year…it is probably going to be one of these.  I have started some CoolWave pansies from seed and they are coming along nicely.

Another trend in Pansies that I really like is the introduction of more red shades.  I am going to keep my eyes out for these this year: Orchid Rose Tricolor, Flambe Red, Gelatto Salmon Red, Inspire Ruby, Strawberry TriColor, Chianti Mix and Dynamite Strawberry.   For photos and seed go to




I’m sold on these new Cool Wave Pansies!


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I’m really excited about a new variety of pansy introduced last fall (2011) called Cool Wave Pansies.  I bought a hanging basket of these last fall while I was in southern Illinois for my mom’s birthday.  I bought the all yellow variety and it was beautifully cascading over the basket. When I went back in December, it was still flowering.  I love the cascading, flowing appearance and will be using them in hanging baskets and containers on my deck this Spring.  Pansies are my favorite flower!  It has been my experience here in Fairport (NY) that I can keep pansies going sometimes all the way until July and even beyond (depending on location and weather).  So look for them this Spring at your local garden center.  (You can order the seed too for those do it yourselfers).  Cool Wave Pansy video