Did we need more rain today?


Posted by justtracy | Posted in Weather | Posted on 19-02-2013

Actually, we did.  January and February have seemed particularly rainy and dreary. But on the positive side, this area is in need of rain to recover from a 2012 deficit of about 9 inches.

Based on the data from the U.S. Drought Monitor website, at the start of 2013, about 64% of the state of Virginia was experiencing some level of drought.  And now, as of February 12, the area that I live in (Spotsylvania) has moved from the category of Abnormally Dry to No Drought Conditions.

Average monthly rainfall is an important variable to be aware of when selecting plants for your garden. Especially if you are trying to eliminate watering from your daily routine.  From The Weather Channel data, Spotsylvania typically averages between 3 and  4 inches of a rain a month with September typically being the wettest month (4.11 inches) followed by March (4.02). And January (3.14) and February (3.17) are the driest.  Really?

It seems like it has been raining more than that. But my weather station says for February we have only had .72 inches of precipitation…not even an inch yet. Really.

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