Cooperative Extension Resources

A word about online resources.  Whenever I am researching a topic, I seek out Cooperative Extension websites first.  Why? Because these ‘factsheets’ or publications are researched by a university for the purpose of spreading factual information that is not trying to sell you anything or persuade you to believe a certain way is better than another.  They are usually unbiased and give you a fuller understanding of the topic based on research and facts.

But sometimes I have a really hard time finding an Extension resource, so I decided to start my own list of them. I think all factsheets and publications should be digitalized and available online…perhaps one day. I should make an app for that!

One more thing, it is alway best to consider the extension’s similarity to your location (USDA zone, heat zone, length of day, soils, etc). I begin with the state extension I live in (New York) and if I can’t find anything online by them, then I usually go to U of Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania etc., depending on the topic.  For instance, a factsheet on growing tomatoes in California is probably not your best resource for growing tomatoes in upstate New York.

My favorite Cooperative Extension websites by topic:
(as of March 5, 2012. List to grow! Check back soon)

Emerald Ash Borer Management: Cornell University (NY)

Emerald Ash Borer: Ohio State University

Houseplants: University of Illinois

Hostas: Ohio State University

Landscape Fabric: Washington State University 

Photoperiodism: Oregon State University

Plant Directory: University of Illinois

Starting Seeds Indoors: Purdue University (IN)

VCE Managing Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs

NCSU Trees: Damage

Winter Pruning: University of Minnesota