My 2015 Great Backyard Bird Count Results


Posted by justtracy | Posted in Birding, General Interest, Wildlife | Posted on 16-02-2015

Every year I look forward to a fun winter activity in February, the Great Backyard Bird Count. I enjoy watching my backyard birds everyday but it’s interesting to see how much more you observe during the count.

This year I discovered more than goldfinches on my Nyjer seed feeder. I noticed a different bird with hints of yellow on its wings but a heavily streaked body…the Pine Siskin. In fact, this turned out to be the 6th highest species in my count this year.

On the last day of the count I also had another new sighting…a female Yellow Bellied Sapsucker.

I did not see Starlings or a Red Wing Blackbird this year, which tells me we are still a ways off from spring.

My top 5 bird counts were

American Golfinch at 25 birds

Dark-eyed Junco at 10

White-throated Sparrow at 10

Blue Jay at 8

Northern Cardinal at 8


My entire list of birds observed is below.

Explore all the 2015 results at


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.26.44 PM

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