My Garden Photos

 Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.54.32 AMPlants Map Profile: Tracy Blevins

We moved into our house in Thornburg, VA in October 2012.

It was a brand new house so the lot was construction fill-dirt. We cleared out a lot of vines and brush in the woods behind the house and I started collecting woody ornamentals, ferns, native trees, among other things.

The front yard became the ‘pinetum’ or conifer collection. See Bill Blevins Garden Pinetum.


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 Plants Map Profile: Bill Blevins

Tracy and I moved to Virginia and into a newly constructed house in Thornburg, Virginia in November 2012. The yard was bare. Since then we’ve planted several hundred trees and shrubs. Plants Map was created to organize our plant lists and photos. My Garden is called Pinetum as I work in the front yard planting mostly conifers and evergreens. 



17 year cicadas

17 year cicadas



 My Garden 2013 (Spotsylvania, VA)





My Garden 2012 (Fairport, NY)

My Garden 2011 (Fairport, NY)

My Garden 2010 (Fairport, NY)

My Garden 2009 (Fairport, NY)

My Garden 2008 (Fairport, NY)

My Garden 2007 (Fairport, NY)

My Garden 2006 (Birmingham AL)

My Garden 1999-2004 (Spotsylvania, VA): must visit to see my old school photo albums. :-)