Questions from the Farmers Market: Harvesting Green Beans


Posted by justtracy | Posted in Vegetables | Posted on 12-06-2013

I recently volunteered to work the Virginia Cooperative Extension MGACRA Master Gardener booth at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market (Gordon rd). I thought I would do a series of interesting questions from the general public.

“Is there a special technique for picking green beans?”

I really hadn’t thought about this much. Growing up in the midwest, we just went out and snapped beans of the bush. The gentleman went on to tell me that someone had told him he could pull the bean from the flower capsule that created it to get another pod from that flower capsule.  No, this is not how it works.

One flower = One Bean Pod

However, green beans are one of those crops that the more you pick, the more you produce. Or if you stop picking them, they think they have reached their purpose, which is to create seed.  So they stop making more flowers.  Most vegetables are annuals and like the ornamental annuals, setting seed is the end goal. So the more pods (seed) you pick, the more flowers it will produce.

Here are three great resources on growing beans, including green beans.  As you will see in the video, you can just pull the pod off or snap it off the vine.

VCE: Beans

YouTube: Harvesting Green Beans

Univ. of Illinois Ext: Beans




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