Soil is the Secret


Posted by justtracy | Posted in General Interest | Posted on 09-04-2014

“Consider what each soil will bear, and what each refuses.” Virgil 

Your soil is an underlying important aspect to growing healthy and happy plants and gardens.

I grew up in Illinois where the soil was acidic. In Virginia my first garden was in clay soil. I moved to Alabama where the rocky soil was referred to as chert. And while we lived in New York I got a taste of alkaline soil. And now I am back to good old Virginia clay.  When people ask me how different gardening most be in those various climates I actually respond that the climate was not as much a factor as was the difference in the soils. When I transitioned from master gardener programs, I would always take over again the soil class. Knowing your local soil characteristics is the key to choosing plants and making informed gardening choices to amend if needed.

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