Violas and Pansies


Posted by justtracy | Posted in Gardening, Violas and Pansies | Posted on 02-04-2012

Violas and Pansies are my favorite flowers.  And every Spring I can’t wait to see what is new.

I just purchased my first trailing pansy, an overflowing basket of yellow.  This type of pansy is a new form introduced last fall that promises a vigorous, low, spreading habit that make them a better cascading option for hanging baskets and containers.  There are three introductions: Plentifall, CoolWave, and Freefall that come in shades of yellow, lavender, purple, and white.  If you see a pansy in a hanging basket this year…it is probably going to be one of these.  I have started some CoolWave pansies from seed and they are coming along nicely.

Another trend in Pansies that I really like is the introduction of more red shades.  I am going to keep my eyes out for these this year: Orchid Rose Tricolor, Flambe Red, Gelatto Salmon Red, Inspire Ruby, Strawberry TriColor, Chianti Mix and Dynamite Strawberry.   For photos and seed go to




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